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  Yoshinobu Ashihara's career as an architect took shape when he stood amid the ruins of Tokyo after the war and determined to use his talents to help rebuild the city. Since then, my husband worked tirelessly for almost 60 years up to his death at the age of 85. During his lifetime, he produced over 300 works such as the Sony Building and the Komazawa Olympic Gymnasium.
  Ashihara became interested in architectural theory as a student in the United States and later wrote his doctoral thesis Exterior Space in Architecture. He was generous in sharing his insights through his books and articles, TV and radio programs, and lectures. He was driven by a desire to bring order to Japan's chaotic cities and felt he had made a difference at the close of his career.
  Ashihara often expressed a wish to help young architects. This archives is committed to carrying out his wish and, hopefully, it will inspire and serve as a bridge to the next generation of architects.
Hatsuko Ashihara
Yoshinobu Ashihara Digital archives